Due to the large and ever increasing global consumption of both high grade Kaolin and Silica Sands and the depleting global resources available to mine Suvo has the opportunity to dovetail into the looming supply shortages throughout the Asia Pacific region


We acknowledge the impact our operations will have on the environment. As a result, we will work hard to ensure we use resources efficiently, so that our operations are conducted with minimal impact and in line with the world we are trying to create. To achieve this, we will:

  • Responsibly manage the extraction and processing of natural resources.
  • Instil strong environmental management policies and procedures to minimise any impacts.
  • Manage water resources efficiently and continuously reduce unit production consumption by recycling.
  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations and obligations.
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Continually identify, monitor, review and control risks.

Environmental management will be integrated into our normal work practices by setting clear objectives and targets, having sound systems and controls, ongoing data collection and regular environmental monitoring and reporting.

Our people and partners are integral to us meeting our obligations, so we will deliver regular training to ensure awareness and understanding of land and resource use, and waste management policies, procedures and standards.


‘Safety matters’ underpins our operational philosophy. For us, safety encompasses our whole wellbeing; physical and mental and we recognise that only by looking after all aspects can we continue to operate safely and build a healthy and resilient workforce into the future.

Our safety culture is founded on empowering, leading and supporting. This recognises the role our employees and partners play in maintaining a safe work environment. Through empowerment, employees and partners are encouraged to build sustainable solutions, that:

  • help us make decisions based on a deep understanding of work conditions and constraints;
  • challenge potentially unsafe behaviour and identify and assess the safety hazards, impacts and risks that arise from our activities;
  • investigate incidents and monitor performance and systems; and
  • regularly review, learn and identify opportunities for continual improvement.

This, along with strong leadership, creates an environment of collective ownership where our people are encouraged to have conversations, share lessons learnt and take a proactive role in improving their own safety practices and those of our operations. Through strong standards, clear direction and visible leadership we are committed to ensuring our people and partners are well supported to safely carry out their work.


We play an important role in contributing to the social and economic prosperity of the communities in which we operate and are committed to making a positive impact from our operations.

We recognise delivering on this commitment is fundamental to our long-term success and to creating shared value in our communities. Our community engagement activities are underpinned by a Community and Stakeholder Relations policy.

View our Community and Stakeholder Relations Policy here.

This policy outlines our commitment to building mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and respect though active engagement and two-way communication. This dialogue enables us to engage with the community about how they can participate in project activities, through employment, education, training, or business development initiatives, while also allowing them to raise issues and concerns.

As a company operating in and around small towns and communities, we are committed to being a good neighbour and helping out our local communities where we can. This commitment sees us play an active role, not only financially through community investment activities, but also through in-kind contributions by providing access to equipment and resources that are not always readily available in remote communities.